Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Secret Movie

This YouTube video is the first 20 minutes of the global film phenomenon "The Secret".

In this clip you will quickly learn that all of us guide ourselves by the same laws.

The natural laws of the universe are precise. It doesn't matter if you're in India, if you're in Australia, New Zealand, Stockholm, Toyko or London. Toronto or Montreal or New York. We are all working with one power, one law. It's attraction.

The Secret is the Law of Attraction

Everything that's coming into your life, you are attracting into your life. And it's attracted to you by virtue of the images you're holding in your mind you are attracting to you.

Wise people have always known this.

Why do you think that 1% of the population earns around 96% of all the money that's being earned? Do you think that's an accident? It's no accident. Life is designed that way. They understand something.

They understand The Secret.

And now you are being introduced to The Secret.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thoughts Become Things

Do you usually think with a positive outlook or are you like most people who put a negative spin on life's situations?

Remember the gal in that sports car who cut in front of you, then quickly came to a stop so she could turn left? What a bitch you were thinking as cars behind you come close to rear-ending you because of the situation.

By putting a positive spin on life you will change your destiny.

When crazy drivers are on the highway all around you, just remind yourself, "I'm glad I'm not like them". Always in a hurry, always stressed out, always causing dangerous situations on the road.

Keeping a positive outlook will keep you trucking down the highway calm and cool. Knowing you will get there on time and safely. And as you get to your destination a parking spot opens up for you near your building.

There is a certainty about things. Things always work out for you.

People run past you to get ahead of you in a long line. But as you get in line behind them, the next window quickly opens up and teller points to you and says "Next"!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who Knew The Secret?

Plato, Shakespeare, Newton, Hugo, Beethoven, Lincoln, Emerson, Edison and Einstein to name a few.

The Secret gives you everything you want - happiness, health and wealth.

You can have, do, or be anything you want.

We can have whatever it is that we choose. It doesn't matter how big or small.

What kind of a house do you want to live in? Do you want to be a millionaire? What kind of a business do you want to have? Do you want more success?

What do you really want?

Quoting Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith D.D. " I've seen many miracles take place in peoples lives. Financial miracles, miracles of physical healing, mental healing, healing in relationships".

All of this happened becaused of knowing how to apply The Secret.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Secret Teachings About Money

Money is magnetic energy. You are a magnet attracting to you all things, via the signal you are emitting through your thoughts and feelings.

To become a powerful money magnet:

Be clear about the amount of money you want to receive. State it and intend it! Don’t think about how much you can earn, but how much you want to receive.

Fall in love with money. Most people do not love money, because they always feel that they don't have enough of it.

Visualize and imagine yourself spending all the money you want, as though you have it already.
Speak, act, and think from the mindset of being wealthy now. Eliminate thoughts and words of lack such as "I can't afford it", "It is too expensive".
Do not speak or think of the lack of money for a single second.
Be grateful for the money you have. Appreciate it as you touch it.
Make lists of all the things you will buy with an abundance of money.
Do whatever it takes for you to feel wealthy.

Affirm to yourself every day that you have an abundance of money, and that it comes to you effortlessly.

Appreciate all the riches around you, including the riches of others. Look for wealth wherever you go, and appreciate it.

Be certain that money is coming to you.

Love yourself and know that you are deserving and worthy of an abundance of money.
Remind yourself everyday that you are a money magnet, and ask yourself often during the day, am I attracting money now or pushing it away with my thoughts?

Always, always pay yourself first from your wage, then pay your creditors. In that single act, you are telling the Universe that you are worthy and deserving of more.

Repeat over and over every day, "I am a money magnet and money comes to me effortlessly and easily."

Write out a check to yourself for the sum of money you would like to have and carry it in your wallet. Look at it often.

Do whatever it takes to feel good. The emotions of joy and happiness are powerful money magnets. Be happy now!

Love yourself!Wealth is a mindset. Money is literally attracted to you or repelled from you. It's all about how you think.